A while ago I noticed a new library, the Sture Bibliotek at the Östermalmstorg subway station in Stockholm (map). As a matter of fact, this library opened May 11 2009, and I cannot believe why I previosly just rushed by. Today I entered through the Espresso house entrance (just after the ticket gates), walked up the stairs and was immediately amazed. Without further ado I picked up my HTC Magic, kicked on the Qik app and streamed the video embedded below.

As I shot the video I noticed the ”Mediejukeboxen”, which also is available at two other of Stockholm’s libraries. This jukebox allows you to borrow audio books, films, language courses, games, and more. Simply select what you want on the touch screen, stick in any USB device, and touch ”download”. Within minutes I had an audio book (”Djävulsstjärnan” by Jo Nesbø), a course in German, and two movies in my Dell XPSM1330 laptop. The book, which is in MP3-fomat worked perfectly in my phone. Unfortunately the film format available are only WMV (för mobile devices) and Divx/AVI for laptops. Neither is playble in my HTC Magic. The number of titles are currently limited (about 10 films, 100+ audio books, around 40 language courses, etc). The content is watermarked and one is supposed to delete the stuff within 30 days. I did not have to identify myself, but I guess if people start the file share the files neither the library nor the content providers will be very inclined to expand the experiment.

In addition to some books (a few shelves), some magazines, and goodie bags, there is a children’s corner, a place for reading (and working as I do ;), around 10 stations hooked to the Internet, and free WiFi for us with a library card and a pin code (although I rely on 3:s mobile broadband). The staff is friendly (and curious, wondered what I was doing with my phone ;).

Sture Bibliotek is well worth a visit. Thanks Stockholm!