Re:think media

My gig Re:think media for our future at Media and Message was videofilmed in at least three different ways. The embedded video below was livestreamed and recorded by me via Ustream throught the webcam of my spare laptop (Dell XPS M1220). I also streamed the first part of the gig using Bambuser (with my Nokia N95 8Gb). In addition the Finnish production house Goodmood shot in HD quality (I believe). See instructions further below on how to access their production (quite complicated).

Ustreamed video:

Goodmood produced video

To watch Goodmood’s two-camera HD quality professionally produced and published video you may surf to and click on the ”here” link (which I believe will disappear soon, of nothing else when next years conference comes closer). Because that link takes you to you might as well go there directly. On that Flash page you must first click on ”Torstai” (Thursday) in the orange top bar, and then on ”Re:think media for our…” in the left column on the Thursday page. See image below for an illustration. Enjoy (not)! You will get a really good image and audio quality. Unfortunately only on me, not my slides (guess either post production missed cutting them in, or the second camera died). Hence, in my view the video is guite useless.

Instruction to click on \