Too hot! at Substanssi

Above is the full video version (footnote) of my gig at Substanssi April 23, 2009, recorded with my Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG65 digicam. The event was arranged by Sub, one of the majort Finnish Television/Internet channels. The audience in place was Marketing directors and CEO of big Finnish television advertisers and opinion leaders of advertising agencies.

Please note, about 33 minutes into the gig I by mistake adress ”Pekka” (Karhuvaara, CEO MTV Media), I completely forgot that the moderator on stage was Heikki Rotko (Executive Vice President, Sales at MTV Oy). That’s why he calls me ”Kalle”, as you can see in the Q&A video below.

I have edited out a minor glitch in the beginning when there was no audio from my opening video. The battery died just when I said ”thank you”, so the Q&A session is in a separate video extracted from the archived version of my Ustream transmission (lower quality video though).