[Update 2009-04-27] My presentation is now available as a high quality video recording.

[Update after the gig] Hi, this is ”Kalle” :-D Thanks for a great morning and the opportunity to share ideas with you. And special thanks to Sub and the event producer Woltti who dared to invite me with all complicated tech lab/beta stuff. Follow the mikroblog stream Substanssi and here are my slides as pdf (3 Mb), also available at Slideshare. Videos are archived at Bambuser (mobile) and Ustream (netbook and webcam). Remember to check out Onlive.com. Some things I did not have time to demo, that you can try yourself, are: IKEA.se/TV, Jaycut.se (who provide the technology for IKEA TV and  VidBlaster (live videomixing and streaming)

Sub is (according to Wikipedia) ”a popular Finnish TV channel owned by Bonnier”. This day Sub will host Substanssi (english translation by Google), a half day seminar for selected customers (read mainly their advertisers). The opening session is presented by Pekka Karhuvaara, CEO at MTV Media. Following him is me with a 50 minute key note entitled ”Thought provoking illustrations from contemporary life”. The other speakers are Sami Salmenkivi, Gemma Newland, Maaretta Tukiainen, and Virpi Leskinen.

It will be good to visit Finland again – and to be paid to be provocative :-)