A since long (business) friend of mine is a co-founder and partner of the Swedish advertising agency West Kommunikation. They in turn are members of the MAPP group, whose members also include agencies in Germany, Austria, France and the United Kingdom. This day they will meet in Stockholm to share insights, experiences, and opportunities. My role is to give a presentation about ”Internet and Social and Technological Movements”. We plan to also record an informal discussion and publish it here as a podcast. Thus sharing some love of the trade with you all.

[Upate after the gig] I have uploaded my presentation slides (pdf) and published our ending discussion as episode 005 in weconverse pod. For me it turned out to be a challenging task, as the group were very insightsful and relatively well acquainted with the developments of social media. Nevertheless, for all of us it turned out to be a very interesting meeting. I believe we all learned a lot. Thank you all!