[Update after the gig] Whow – what an audience you are! Look at all the pictures in the photostream and all the things hashtagged as #SPECIE2010. Thanks for all the comments and special thanks to all of you that decided to follow @RichardGatarski on Twitter. I have uploaded my handout as 6 slides/page (pdf 6.7 Mb) and as a show on Slideshare (notice how related presos are automatically found there). Regarding ”what’s the next thing”, stay tuned for Graeme Codrington’s key note. Later on I’ll publish a special post on Augmented Reality. A few links to stuff I talked about: Trojangames.co.uk (condom brand building pre YouTube); Judith Wolst on Passion; Robin Teiglands slides on Leveraging Networks and Social Media; Melody’s video Breakup; and – if you are interested in research on how young people think about the Internet, check out Elza Dunkel’s dissertation and Danah Boud’s wonderful work. Remember, mind is more important than technology. Be Safe, which is more than Secure ;)

[Update 2010-02-03: I am preparing my preso. Now setup so that when you E-mail photos to species@gatarski.com, they will show up in the weconverse Flickr photostream tagged as SPECIES-2010.]

F-Secure is ”the global leader in providing security as a service through operators”. SPECIES is their ”worldwide ecosystem conference for F-Secure Operator Partners. Its objective is to increase the exchange of best practices among participating companies and to enable a dynamic environment for networking”.

SPECIES 2010 (link for SPA-members) takes place two days in Vienna and will be opened by Pär Andler (Head of Operator Marketing, F-Secure) and Kimmo Alkio (CEO and President, F-Secure Corporation). Following them, I will make a key note presentation on Passion around the question:

How you can get excited about things you have always worked with /about things you don’t have a clue what they are / about things you know are the right ones (even if others don’t) , and keep that enthusiasm despite the obstacles you may face?

Whow, that is a good question! Tho two other key notes will be delivered by Dr. Graeme Codrington (TomorrowToday) and Timo Vuorensola (AD, Director, Energiaproductions, Wreckamovie). I highly recommend checking them out! (The event is by invitation only, but you can google or follow their links, in particular to Codrington’s After Shock and Vuoransola’s Wreckamovie.