[Update after the gig:] Kiitos for a fantastic day! My slides are available for download (pdf, 6 Mb) and for browsing at Slideshare (or below ;). At Bambuser you find the archived version of my live video from the Workshop intro. Let’s go creatzy!


Turku, European Capital of Culture 2011, is organizing quite a substantial number of events. Some of them takes place already in 2010. One is Creative Buzz, October 28 (hashtag #creativebuzz). It’s a full day seminar, featuring speakers Timo Parkkola, Annika Blomberg, Alf Rehn, Outi Raatikainen, Eija Mäkirintala, Petra Tarjanne, Antti Pitkänen, Outi Raatikainen, Eija Mäkirinta, Jarmo Röksä, Saara Taalas and myself.

My key note in the afternoon is titled ”When Creativity meets Social media”, and the plan is to focus my gig on:

Various forms of Social media have become widely known. But many people still question their use and value. Why is that so? Let’s look at some answers and dig into a number of inspiring cases where creativity and innovation play important roles. Beyond that, in front of us lies a number of profound societal shifts, partly caused by social media. These must be recognized and carefully managed.