Almost a year ago I noted that Encyclopaedia Britannica Online (how’s that for a spelling excercise ;) became more social (post in Swedish). Now they sent me an e-mail (sorry, can’t find ANY info on their site) that opens up with:

”Encyclopaedia Britannica Online has just introduced a new program that makes it possible for you as a reader and subscriber to contribute edits, revisions, and suggestions to the encyclopedia”.

Sounds cool, so I decided to give it a try. Surfed as they suggest to and chose ”conversation” as an entry in need of an update. First impression – this is not an encyclopedia, it’s an advermedia. The only thing I saw was ads, ads, and ads.

Then I spotted some entries, clicked one and found the promised ”Suggest edit” button. When I clicked it some kind of edit screen appeared, but it did not seem to work. So I gave up. Sorry, got more important things to do.

In sum, they sent me an e-mail and I gave them my attention for a few minutes. The only thing I learned is that I won’t return. Too many ads, and I can only edit what they think is important. And ”conversation” as something we do is nothing I can do anything about – at