[Update 2008-06-03: I believe that the problems I had was actually caused by spam attacks and not related to Woopra. Hence today I reinstalled the woopra plug-in to weconverse and have begun using the tools]

[WARNING UPDATE 2008-04-25 14:50 GMT+1: The kind of application described in this post requires the installation of software provided by other parties, in this case from woopra.com. A couple of hours ago I experienced some strange behavior on the weconverse.com site. The effects (file date modifications, som extra files added to the server, etc) reminds of a known spam attack, which I thought applied to other versions of WordPress. Even though I have no reason to believe that woopra is the causee, I have temporarily removed it from my server because the strange things happened after I installed woopra.]

imageWe are who we are and who we are need explanations  (guess where I got that from :-).

Last night I digged into my  dile (digital pile) of podcasts, blogs, news sources, and more. In episode 40 of the WordPress podcast I heard about Woopra, which looks like an extremely interesting service. The people behind Woopra (Elie Khoury, Jad Younan, John Pozadzides and the team of iFusion Labs) says that Woopra is:

the world’s most comprehensive, information rich, easy to use, real-time Web tracking and analysis application. And it’s free!

My impression so far is that Woopra is like Google Analytics (and similar services), but offers a number of additional features. In particular: real time (data analysis, live tracking and web stats), more comprehensive (richer UI, site type focus), and most of all – built in capabilities for conversations between managers and visitors of the site (Click-to-Chat). Woopra is managed through an application installed on the site owners personal computer (Windows, MacOS, Linux). For example, I can tag some visitors to weconverse.com and whenever they return to the site my desktop application will notify me.

Woopra seems to be geared more towards personal/SME’s than corporate web sites. It was Launched April 9 and is still in beta. Up until today the services was by invitation only. I have signed up, installed the tools, but still wait for an approval to go ahead with weconverse.com.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at some reviews. The 10 minute video below from Johny.org is unfortunately without narration, but gives a pretty good idea of what we can expect.