Today I learned through futurambs really interesting post Volvo IT blocks sites mentioning "social software", The reason, as echoed by futuramb is:

[weconverse and other sites] is categorised as Social Networking and Personal Sites. Volvo Group provides access to a subset of web sites through its Internet services. Other web site categories are blocked.

So cool, I feel both socially discriminated, and sorry for the folks at Volvo, compare my earlier thoughts on the issue. Perhaps they can find comfort by chewing Ahlgrens candy cars temporarily shaped as Volvo cars (co-branded marketing campaign, most discussed topic right now at the Swedish Bloggportalen).

On a side note, I am currently discussing with a client about a learning project concerning social media for a group of selected managers. We cannot use Facebook, because their enterprise has blocked the access to it. Easy thing to choose another social network – but not for adding value to the project. Rather, the result might be the other way around.