During the last couple of days snow and ice has hit Stockholm. Furthermore, Stremio, a Swedish provider of Web video services, has together with Mobizoft launched an interesting solution for mobile devices. Eager to try, I squeezed in five minutes to check it out while I was changing tyres in my garage about an hour ago.  In short: I grabbed my phone (HTC P3600), shot the video, used my phones browser to click the ”Upload” link on the Mobizoft demo page, changed another tyre, refreshed the demo page in my browser – and viola! The video was there viewable live on my phone. You can see the result below.

The Web URI (and it works in your mobile phone too) is http://www.mobizoft.se/demo.html. I guess people will uploads films after me, so you might have to browse down to todays (2007-11-15 9:40) time stamp.  On the Mobizoft demo page there are no options to share (e.g by SMS/text messaging), but I manage to hack the page so I could find a link to my video and thus embed it here.