[Update after the gig] Here are my slides (pdf) and now I will make sure they go to the EMAN USB stick as well. Thank you for some intense 30 minutes…

The International Programme Office for Education and Training (Programkontoret) contacted me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in giving a presentation at one of their meetings. The European Mobility Alumni Network (EMAN) is a project for the corresponding offices in Hungary, Italy, Norway, and Sweden. No, I do not know if they have a web site, googled and could not find any.

November 22-23 representatives are meeting in Stockholm for the LLP – Greenhouse for sustainable networks (LLP=Lifelong Learning Program). The aims of the meeting are:

  • gather and disseminate experiences from study tours/courses
  • facilitate personal networks for future collaborations
  • create shared platforms for common interests

Those who know me might guess what I think when I read ”The results [from projects] will be presented in a CD to be distributed to NA:s as well as study visit and course providers”. In any case, I have on short notice happily accepted to share my personal experiences, as I have learned a lot from similar, but Web 2.0-based, ventures in the area of future learning. In short my idea is to use my 30 minutes to:

  • present an overview of social media and Web 2.0 technologies
  • illustrate how grassroots use that stuff to converse about the re-invention of learning
  • conduct a Q&A session