[Update after the gig] Thank you all for a fascinating afternoon in London. Sorry Frank, you came by here and posted a comment before I uploaded my presentation slides (pdf). I could not be connected on the plane, but now when I am on the bus heading towards Stockholm for Arlande I an online again.

As a result of my gig for EDEN about a month ago BBC Learning has invited me to London. They are in the midst of developing a new, large, and rather innovative interactive learning proposition aimed at children aged 6-10. Within this BBC Learning are establishing teams of creative, interactive, gaming, educational and narrative experts to take part in a three month pre-production ideas development stage. As part of this they have asked me to inspire the teams with some of the latest thinking about the new approaches for / needs of today’s learners.

As I write this, on my way to London, I am prepped to talk about post modern consumption and brand management, the history of Public Service, Web 2.0 and social media. But of course also eager to join the team members in a creative conversation about the future of learning.