Yesterday I noticed in the Twittersphere that Twingly would be in ”a cool site” today. I have no doubts that the integration of Twingly’s services with Newsdesk, one of the leading online newsrooms, quicly spread. Even without my little post about it. This is more a courtesy to Newsdesk and Twingly. To show that I care, concgratulate, and is impressed. Without this is a win-win-win-win step. The winners are we actors in social media (e.g. bloggers), organisations using Newsdesk’s services, and of course Twingly and Newsdesk.

As far as I know Twingly is alone in the global sphere when it comes to provide their unique, smart, and effective way of connecting media outlets with the bloggosphere. In addition to provide related meaurement and monitoring services. By definition this means that the Twingly kind of functionality in a social media newsroom environment is new to the world. Did I mention that both sevices are founded in Sweden?

Read more in Twingly’s blog, and if you understand Swedish in the media release and in dojjans PR20 blog.