[Update 2008-11-10] Whow, what a mindblowing morning! Thank you all for being so forward, open, and most of all – devoted to work with our future. As promised, here are my presentation slides (pdf, 5.7 Mb) and a direct link to the Bambuser live mobile video stream. My complete presentation is also available as a fully shareable video. I also mentioned a few sources that inspire me. They include Bob Sprankle (with the Room 208 kids), Learning Times Green Room (special about debating online), Phorecast (special on the technology behind my.barackobama), and  Presentation Zen. Also, take a look at BBC:s Spectrum experiment – rather cool, eh?

eTwinning is a framework for schools to collaborate on the Internet with partner schools in other European countries. Their Swedish National Support Service will host a Professional Development Workshop (PDW) in Gothenburg, Sweden November 6 – 8, 2008.  This PDW will have European secondary school teachers of social science as the main target group. The theme for the PDW will be “Using eTwinning for strengthening the European Dimension” and participants will focus particularly on exploring web 2.0” and ideas for using eTwinning in preparation for the European elections 2009.

I have been invited to make a key note address on the morning of the second day. Quite an honor indeed. My ambition is to provide a broad overview of the latest within social media and Web 2.0, focus in on young people, and give some examples of practical uses for schools. Think I also must bring in something about the importance of brands. Also came to think about Debating Live Online in Learning Times Green Room over a year ago. Also curios about eTwinning’s new portal that will go live late this month (platform?).

Really looking forward to this gig.  Do you have any suggestions about what i must bring forward?