[Update right after the gig] Whow, what an audience! Around 1000 truly interested people. (Well, the dark hall made it hard to sense the interest, but those I could see looked inspired and virtually no one left the room.) Anyway, as promised I have uploaded my presentation slides (pdf). Here are direct links to Bob Sprankle’s recordings of Dr Tim Tyson (The Blogging School and Leadership applied) and Lynn Swett Miller (Blog based professional portfolios). Also, take a look at Pirate Coelho to see how this Nobel prize awarded author uses the Internet (I will soon blog more about that).

It seems the content of my gig for EDEN spread not only to the UK and BBC Learning, but also to the Netherlands. Hence I have been invited to deliver a key note at the IPON 2008 event, where ”Het ICT platform Onderwijs Nederland met vol elan nieuwe media en technologie aan het onderwij” (ICT in education). This conference and exhbition event will gather around 3 000 participants engaged in the Dutch education system. Among the other key note speakers are Toine Maes, director of Kennisnet Ict op school, Bob Hofman and Jan Lepeltak.