When I shot my video from my room at the Grand in Divonne I could/did not go as far as Garr Reynold did at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo. Both the room and my mind was less equipped than Garr’s. Before you continue to read my post, check out his video at the PresentationZen (bottom part of his post).

First of all, Garr spreads the important point that the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo not only provide services and experiences, but also a lot of high tech. In this particular case a VGA-connection from the rooms writing desk to the flat panel TV-screen. In Divonne I tried for almost an hour to connect my laptop to one of the two flat screens in the room. Never made it.

Second, Garr did not only show his room – he also shared his passion, knowledge and skills. I never thought of that, until now!  Instead of just telling us about what one could do (i.e. test run presentations in the room), he performed and distributed a fast digitized show about presentation design. From which I also learned.

Third, because I currently do a lot of work for stakeholders in the meeting industry, there are some messages to you hidden here. Watch how we share our thoughts about your services in a social and multimodal way. See what other hotels do – and do not do. Do you get any ideas? If so, realize them before the other ones do.

Thank you Garr!