[Update after the gig, and re-updated 2008-12-03]: First of all, thank you for attending NordLib 2.0. The (hash)tag we used was (#nordlib2008 (nordlib2008). We used them for images at Flickr and a search in the twitterstream. Here are: a recorded video with my full key note; my full screen slides at Slideshare;  six slides/page downloadable (pdf, 4.9 Mb); and a direct link to the archived bambuser livestream from my mobile. The official webcast is being converted inte separate films and will be published later. You (the audience) chose to hear about ”the next big thing” (see earlier post, pardon Google’s English) and not my personal reflections. Even so, I included those slides in the pdf. Some earlier thoughts can be found in my 1998 paper ”Marketing Research in the Digital Domain”. On a side note, for over a year I blogged at blogs.su.se/rgi, but it was removed by the SU IT-departement early this fall because I no longer have a formal affiliation with Stockholm University. Finally (for the moment) I am embedding our conference’s Twitterfountain here. Enjoy!


Here comes a very special gig post. So, if you usually ignore my gig announcements, please consider reading (and commenting) this one.

Early this summer I was approached by the Stockholm University Library (SUB). They (Camilla Smith and Helena Hedström) had successfully arranged a serie of internal Web 2.0/social media seminars for the library’s staff. Now they wanted to go further and produce both a conference and initiate a network for Nordic librarians. Hence they asked me if I was willing to be one of the speakers. Of course, I have always (well, during my almost 20 years at the Stockholm University) been impressed by SUB. In particular how they have approached and implemented electronic stuff. So I said yes, even though their budget is very tight.

After the summer the three of us discussed the way the confence could be set up and marketed. With virtually no money, being librarians – not marketers, it could be seen as a tough challenge. My advice was to live as we preach. That is, use social media to present and discuss social media. I told them to create a name for the conference, register a domain, set up a WordPress blog, and go ahead. So they did, with the help of Peter Elging, who also is with SUB. In addition I directed them to a couple of persons who might be willing to take care of some audio/video recording and podcasting matters. With the exception of the latter (which will follow), the rest is up and running.

Take a look at www.nordlib20.org, I am amazed by how far they have reached with so little resources. I am looking forward to the development of that particular social media space(s). And of course my key note on the morning of November 21.