Today I made a short visit (to mingle :-) at Internetworld’s two day conference Webbdagarna 2009 in Stockholm. And the event was/is of course live video recorded and streamed – thanks to Björn Falkevik. In the Swedish social media bubble Björn is widely known as ”Mr Bambuser”, because of his frequent use of Bambuser at all kinds of occasions. And the result is, especially compared to my rant yesterday, really good!

Of course the video stream was live. Beyond that, the recordings were immediately available in Internetworlds section in the Bambuser site after each break in the programme. Björn used two cameras and a feed from the presenter’s computers so that he could insert their stuff in the stream whenever useful. True, the video quality (resolution and smoothness) could be better. But that is less important if you take budget and value into consideration. In any case, Björn was recording everything locally in full HD resolution.

Here is an example of the value. In the morning Creuna’s delivered a really cool presentation of how a bank like Swedbank could look like in the Web 2.0 future. (Internetworld’s story about that, in Swedish). During their talk I sent an e-mail about this to one of my clients within Swedbank. While he missed the live event, he was able to watch the video soon afterwards. So can you, right here (and my story continues below):

If you want to, you may subscribe to the RSS-feed with videos from Webbdagarna. And of course you can share, embed, and comment the videos.

Before I did a key note at Webbdagarna 2007, I spent a couple of hours (my initiative and sole responsibility) to mock up wiki around that event. Afterwards I shared my experiences from that experiment, but most of the back channel support crashed when the wiki provider recently upgraded their platform. This year a much nicer and richer service was set up by Incentive. It integrates wiki, forums, help, instructions, conference programme, blogs, and more – including of course the live video.

That is what a small group of clever people, together with Web 2.0 services and the social media crowd, creates. Fantastic!