Somewhat late (blame the temporary loss of my main laptop) I learn that Cision recently launched their new service Cision Wire. In their words it is  ”the leading website for press releases and other news”. Not a very legal statement, as I doubt that claim hardly could be scientifically justified.

Anyway, it is for sure an interesting service. In their About page we can read that the wire uses

”state-of-the-art technology for Search Engine Optimization which together with so called ‘social bookmarking’ increases exposure and visibility in search engines, news aggregators and social media”.

On other words a clear direction towards the social media sphere. My first impression is that many stakholders, including those that emit information and we who share and converse, will benefit from the Cision’s new range of services. Notably tags are promoted heavily. Of course, I regognize a few glitches (that’s me :-). The ”Share This” functionality is geared towards the US, for example Digg is included, but not the Swedish equivalent Pusha. Whereas there is an abundance (in a positive sense) of RSS feeds, they are not listed (but availble two clicks away) on the individual release pages (e.g. this one from Autoliv). Cision Wire offers firms and organizations to ”connect with your audience”, but in a web 1.0 fasion. As far as I can tell ”connect” implies one way. There are no options for conversation, for example by commenting the releases. In sum, it Cision Wire seems far away from the emerging development termed New Media Release. And their thinking has not reached the re-prefix.

Newsdesk, a young old-time player in the Swedish field of news relesases, have for a long time supplied more than Cision Wire currently offers. This includes video and slideshare options (in Swedish: about video and a co-founders comment to Cisions launch).

The good news for all of us is that we now have more options to outsource, as a supplement to proprietary Social Media Newsrooms.

[Update 2008-09-19: Via jangles I learn that Cision also has a ”blog”. It’s first post (Aug 20) includes: ”Right now, it’s a collection of resources, information the practices here at Cision think you might find useful or interesting. But we hope this is just the beginning”. Clearly a more humble approach there. But, the most recent post is from today, and interestingly enough – not a word about Cision Wire. Internal communication is a challenge, eh :-]