With respect to the interest in new media developments (from SATU and from the Finnish President ) as presented by me, I find it appropriate to point at SIME goes Helsinki. SIME, or originally Scandinavian Interactive Media Event, has for over a decade acted as The hotpot for people and organizations engaged in the new ventures, possibilities, and challenges.

So, if you (are in Finland and) don´t mind being challenged by new thoughts and fascinating people, I recommend a visit to The Swedish Theatre in Helsinki next month. Oh, how I hope that the President will go there – because it is far beyond what we did in Naantali. And what happens at SIME will for sure affect the future of our children. If nothing else, you will hear from the inside of Stardoll, which is far cooler and more engaging than Republiken Finland barnens president.

(SIME will make a visit to Copenhagen November 6, and this years main event is taking place in Stockholm November 12-13).