I am at SIME. Ten minutes ago Ulf Ekberg from Ace of Base introduced the Music remix. In short it consists of a number of parts. First people can use a mixer widget to control a song that Ase of Base have (pre)produced. Second, it is also possible to purchase the song (USD 4.99 at Koblo.com) with all the tracks (13 original WOF 2009 stereo tracks), including a complete sequencer. Three, we may then remix, add tracks, etc in order to create a new version. Included are also a number of widgets/apps for a range of social media networks. Fourth, optionally you may upload our recreation to Ace of Base’s web site where people can vote for it. Fifth, the most popular version(s) will end up on the bands next CD.

Cool, inspiring, and a perfect illustration of customer conversations support as well as ”letting go”. That is, leaving control over the brand to the market.