Today I finally found the time to set up a session about Public Service at PodCamp Europe, the unconference taking place June 12 to 13 in Stockholm. Please help us converse about it by joining in at the conference, it is for freeee. Who knows, we might stir up some ideas for the newly assigned investigator of Public Service in Sweden, the Swedish Minister of Culture, the journalist blogger Martin Jönsson, and other bloggers via knuff (links to Swedish sites).

Here is a brief summary of my idea as I described it on the session page:

The purpose with this session is to provide an opportunity for an open conversation around the notion of Public Service (compare Public Broadcasting). The term has its origins in the 1920:s when broadcasted aerial radio became an important issue and expanded to encompass television beginning in the 1940:s. Today the media situation differs substantially – and what kind of ”public services” we might need is an open question.