My personal experience, and what I have heard from others, is that telecom/wireless operators suck when it comes to customer services. But it would for sure be nice to know about some good, and thus inspiring, cases. Jackie Huba , marketing consultant, author, blogger (Church of the Customer), and more, has published a call for good examples. If you know any, please comment on her blog post. Later this week she will do a presentation for a ”large wireless carrier” (why anonymous?) and has been challenged to include a remarkable (presumably good) example. My interpretation is that she is looking for the service to customers who experience problems. I feel that many carriers generally provide rather good services when it comes to deliver their telephone/wireless/data services. It is for sure no easy task to do that, given the complicated technology and the rapid developments in the fíeld. Jackie’s issue is when problems arise and what the providers do about them on a continous basis.

I believe that one explanation for the lack of good services is the industry’s lock-in mechanisms that makes it hard for customers to switch provider when we experience difficulties and bad service. Furthermore, most providers are still in a customer luring mode, not customer retention. Hence the majority of efforts are focused on promotion and binding up customers, not on after sales services.

Again, please give your good stories to Jackie. And she wants good examples, not bad (these are abundant :-). At the same time I am open to comments here on weconverse, because for example Jackie’s call per se is an interesting marketing case.