June 6 this year I, or rather we, delivered a talk at the inaugural TEDx Stockholm event 2. I was invited to spend five minutes on a TED-ish subject, and I asked everyone for help (see the gig post). The result was a crowd sourced presentation that hit YouTube yesterday at the official www.youtube.com/user/TEDxTalks channel.

Actually, all seven presentations have been available at tedxstockholm.blip.tv for about a week. But I waited to publish my talk here until the YouTube version was up. Simply because the iPhone, Android and some other mobile platforms have native support for YouTube videos. Most other video sharing services, including Blip.tv, publish in Flash, a format that many mobile phones does not support.

Take a look, comment and share if you feel for it. And don’t forget to watch the other talks at TEDxStockholm, they are really good. Next TEDx Stockholm event is scheduled for September 19, 2009.