This morning Ingrid, a student at the new Interactive Art course at Hyper Island called me. They wanted to interview me over Skype, and I said yes. She promised that they would return in the afternoon when they had formulated the questions.

During lunch I realised I did not have any headset with me. So I jumped into Kjell & Co and purchased a pair of Cosonic CD610-MV for SEK 119 (my daughter can have them after me ;). At 14:12 I got a text message from Cas, the interviewer, who asked if it was OK to use video. I of course said yes.

After a meeting with Stockholm Business Region (good one btw) I walked up a block to Scandic Sergel Plaza, bought a Coke and went online. As Cas promised in his message, he called me promptly at 15:30.

We spoke for around 11 minutes. Big questions about (technology) trends and their impact on the media industries. Can’t said my answers were perfectly formulated, but hope they are valuable anyway.

More important are the students. Whow! Talk about being innovative, smart, organized, living the (Hyper Island) brand, and acting in real time. I was afraid they would beat me and get this out sooner than I (had to take another call, upload the file and write this).

Anyway, Cas promised to send me the results of their assignemnt in about a week or so. Meanwhile you may listen to the unedited interview here, or download it (MP3, 11 Mb).


[Update 2009-08-29: similar posts from Joakim Jardenberg and Walter Naeslund who also was interviewed]