.SE (Sweden’sThe Internet Infrastructure Foundation) have without much buzz moved over from their old publishing platform(s) to a host of WordPress installations. I was really suprised when I learned about this a few minutes ago in a meeting for the .SE project Webbstjärnan (which I consult for).

Perhaps I should have guessed this direction when I was briefly involved when WordPress was used to revamp the site for .SE:s main conference Internetdagarna, which previosly was built with Joomla.

I can only compare with my memory about how the old design looked like. But judging from that I cannot see any differences at ii.se (the main site, old proprietary CMS). I addition new sites such as .SE Direkt (domain management), Internetstatistik.se (statistics) are built with WordPress. In sum, a really impressing step, that again illustrate the power of WordPress and open source solutions. Although I wish .SE had credited the WordPress community (e.g. the ”powered by WordPress” footer have been removed).