There is something as a free lunch. At least when your flight is delayed and SAS gives you a 50 SEK meal voucher. As I write this my flight is planned to be delayed for about two hours.

Yes, I know it is my fault. Not the delay, but that I became low on Edison juice. I forgot to re-charge my 9-cell battery last night. Spending some extra time at the airport is something I am used to. As well as airport planners/designers who seems to have no clue about how a contermporary traveller (as I) behave. Those of us who are nomadic workers need power outlets. And from numerous of blog posts, tweets, and other social media outlets I know I am not alone.

I spent 10 minutes walking around the F-pier at Arlanda airport looking for something with Volts. Finally I spottet a TV in the Absolut Light bar (a part of Scandinavian Service Partner) next to my gate (F65). There it was, an extension cord with four ports. And one was free! Willing to accept my plug. A small charge for the world, but a big relief for me.

What can we do to realize a vision where all airport waiting chairs comes with powers?

p.s. the beer was more expensive than the food and paid for by yours truly, who slowly begins to be affected by the dangerous molecules embedded in the fluid. d.s.

[Update] When googling right after publishing this page I found Jeff Sandquist’s AirPower wiki. The entry for Stockholm suggests one place, although I think it has been removed.