A lurker can be described as someone who just looks at social media stuff, for example Second Life, Friendster or in this case Twitter. I post this as a reflection on what just happened. A few minutes ago I realized that Fredrik Johnsen, one of the attendees at the Cision gig here in  Oslo sent me a tweet and a friend’s invitation. The tweet said ”Gatarski did however talk about both Twitter and Jaiku… But he has less Twitter updates than me… ;-)”. Furthermore, Fredrik is (according to his Twitter profile) a ”Communications advisor with GCI Oslo, Web 2.0 enthusiast, sports and trivia nut”. No wonder he did not learn much at todays event. I would be surprised if a person like him found novel things at a seminar with the ambition to introduce poeple to the social media sphere.

True, I do not really use Twitter. There are new services, products and social media things popping up virtually every second. I select, play with, analyse and talk about some of those for various reasons. Sometimes just becuase they are hyped all the way into MSM (main stream media), in which case I feel obliged to know a little bit about them. My ambition is alwasy to try them out personally before I put them on my speaking/blogging agenda. With Second Life as one of the few exceptions (more about that later).

There is no way a single person, including me who after all socmedialize as a part of my profession, can do it all. With respect to Twitter I decided from the start just to register and do occational tweets in relation to my gigs. That I made ”friends” with Fredrik was just to pay him back for inviting me and credit him (for good or bad :-) as the ignition for this reflective post. In a similar fasion i only registered with Linkedin just in order to get some practical experience. Consequently I turn down requests to befriend Linkedinsters. Sorry, but I have decided to focus my attention and interaction on other things than keeping up with ”friends”.

 So, Fredrik -thanks for the invite, but unless something dramatically happens I will not do much with Twitter. And, as I said on the gig, Jaiku is much cooler the saying goes (listen to What’s Next’s interview with Andy Smith from Jaiku). Not there yet, probably will – but my sons schooling currently has higher priority.