[2008-08-09, this page is very tentative]

Personal participation is the best way to begin understanding market conversations. One good way is to start blogging. You do not have to make the blog public, the important thing is to start. If nothing else your aim should be to blog, the subject is initially less important. You may google to find comprehensive guides and books about blogging for beginners. Or, you could just choose a blog service from the list below and be up and running within five minutes. Please share your experiences and tips by commenting this page.

There are a vast number of blogging services available. For beginners I suggest the use of a hosted blog service. Some are free (financed by advertising), others charge a small fee. The services listed here are limited in numbers, as it is initially more important to get started than choosing the perfect provider. You might want to pick a provider that support your native language if that is important. The list is ordered in what I for various reasons recommend. Note, I am in no way affiliated with any of the services.

Popular hosted services

  1. WordPress (free, open source)
  2. Typepad (fee based, no ads)
  3. Blogger (free, ads)

Interesting (e.g. new with an uncertain future)

  • Terapad (free with ads, or pay to remove ads, veeeery Web 2.0)