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Updated 2010-12-29

4 Responses to “Contact”
  1. Dear RIchard. Met you at Species2010 and I'm sorry not to ask you a “simple” question after your presentation. How do you see the future of old values like communicating face 2 face, enjoying the companionship with fellows in eg. sports clubs, meeting with friends at the cofeehouse and more, when our way of communicating and social gaming/interaction becomes and online relation? What happens to our social needs we fundamentally need by interacting with people (touch, feel, see… ) when we get more and more seperated?

    Do you share any of these concerns or thoughts?

  2. richardgatarski says:

    Daniel, good question! Let me answer it at a better thread. Do you mind reposting your Q to
    or, is it OK with you if I repeat it there when I answer?
    (I forgot to turn comments of at my contacts page here)

  3. Not at all. Kindly post it as you will.

    I will seek your answer shortly.

    Daniel Grønbek

  4. Dear Richard,…
    Is it just me whi can't find the discussion at listed link?

    Daniel Grønbek