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Sorry, no English version of this post.

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Post in English will come. Meanwhile, enjoy my implementation of the basic Dabber Player. Or perhaps even better, checkout what this post really is about: and it’s Showflow.

Sorry Apple fans, the Showflow is based on Flash. But the videos presented traditionally can be seen at

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The Swedish post is a reflection on what happened when I asked (on behalf of a gig customer) my twitter followers to recommend a book about social media. (I don’t read many books anymore, and definitely none about social media). Got quite a few responses, which I share and forward to the one how asked.

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Last week the Swedish PR agency Westander invited everyone to contribute to their wiki on PR and social media. Any contributions made there before February 17, 2010 might end up in Westander’s Swedish handbook on PR. The wiki in question relates only to the two pages in the hand book that concerns “social media”.

In the Swedish version of this post I elaborate somewhat on my thoughts about their handbook two years ago, and how they might improve their current wiki implementation further.

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