“I found your post the lazy way – asked a resarcher to find me the best blogs with thoughts on new media development. Well, yours came up amongs them  :-)”, Claus Sølvsteen, after commenting my ad experiment

Anyone is free to share their reactions from my gigs and other doings. Some do it by commenting my gig posts, others do it elsewhere, for example in their blogs. On this page I list a few public testimonials – that I kind of like :-) Do you want me to inspire, engage, and perhaps even provoke more people?

  • Thanks for a very inspirational presentation Richard.

    Christie commenting my key note gig for the eTwinning National Conference

  • @weconverse aka Gatarski did not suck at all. I was kidding… The show at #substanssi was interesting. Checking out the onlive.com now

    @jirkar following up a tweet during the Substanssi gig

  • Richard, thank you for the mind puzzling presentation!

    Teppo Kuittinen in a comment after the Substanssi gig.

  • Richard Gatarski delivered a very enlightening presentation on Web 2.0 as a tool for democracy.  Richard is a really interesting presenter.  He seems to enjoy a sense of ‘confrontation’ with his audience, he likes to take us out of our comfort zones

    eTwinning UK, after my key note at eTwinning PDW.

  • Very inspiring man, Richard Gatarski. He observes, analyzes and sees possibilities for the future.

    Hans Goosen, commenting at Mosredna after my IPON2008 gig.

  • This man is wonderfully provocative, and I like him because is fuelling my mind.

    Emilio Quintana, summoning reflections on my re-thinking learning gigs.

  • I don’t know if I should feel lucky (because it was extremely catching) or bad (because now I know that there’s a lot waiting for us…). Of course, I feel both! Really cool how you conducted all the facettes of Web.2 and presented it in a very entertaining way to us[more…]

    Silvan Metzger, cheering after the worldwide partners gig

  • Thank you for an eye opener presentation

    borut commenting after the worldwide partners gig

  • Terrific meeting, one of our most interesting/rewarding/insightful meetings so far!

    Thomas after the gig with MAPP group, commenting in the podcast entry.

  • Thanks for an inspiring talk at the Cision event

    Kristine Lowe, while mindfully conversing after the Cision Norway gig.

  • Gatarski did however talk about both Twitter and Jaiku… But he has less Twitter updates than me… ;-)

    Fredrik Johnsen, during the Cision Norway gig.

  • Your idea for bloging was excelent, it gave me new view into another world (blogosphere) also in marketing and sales. Thanks.

    Luke, after MBA course at Krakow University.