Weconverse.com was a blog based web site that I launched in 2007. It focused stuff directly related to my gigs, that is announcements, documentation, Q&A, etc. In addition the site contained stuff on larger issues, such as media innovation, contemporary challenges for society, and soforth.

End of 2010 Weconverse.com was moved into RichardGatarski.com. Content in RichardGatarski.com that was originally published at Weconverse.com is found in the category weconverse.

Hopefully all posts, comments and other content were included in the transfer. If you miss something, please let me know.

From now on “weconverse” will remain as an identity at a number of services like Flickr, YouTube, and Slideshare. But basically new stuff published there is a part of RichardGatarski.

[Updated: 2010-12-29]