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PhD Richard Gatarski (born1958) is a freelance adviser, inspirer and provocateur with a passionate interest for media and social innovations. Richard is looking beyond “School” in order to co-create the world’s best start in life for those we used to call children.

Brief bio and expertise

In 2010 Richard Gatarski founded Westreamu AB, who gives event organizers a boost by providing affordable full service packages for live streaming. Westreamu turns event into pretty, affordable and engaging Web TV. Westreamu has also developed innovative livecast solutions to increase accessability for people hard of hearing or seeing.

Richard have been engaged as a free lance adviser, inspirer and provocateur on questions regarding strategic conversations and innovative forms of education since the mid 1980’s. Between 1989 and 2005 he worked as a researcher and assistant professor at the School of Business, Stockholm University. Earlier Richard studied at the Department of Business Administration at the Stockholm University(1985-1989). Before that he worked with quality issues concerning microelectronics and the development of computer and communications systems at Ericsson Telecommunications (1978-1984). The year in between these jobs he was bumming around the globe.

Richard Gatarski’s special field is marketing, social science, digital technology, electronic media and how people and machines use them. His clients are basically people working with human as well as computer development. He is also an experienced teacher in the subjects of communication, information, E-business and consumer behavior at a number of academic and private institutions.

Richard shares his experiences through (launced in 2010, originally with content from launced 2007), (started in 2004).

Highly appreciated speaker

As a speaker Dr. Richard Gatarski is experimenting with new, inspiring, and multiple threaded forms of presentations – by some referred to as digital storytelling. The results are thought-provoking illustrations of contemporary life. Richard brings togheter seemingly unrelated subjects, such as meaningfulness, schooling, business and computerization, into an emotionally touching sphere of thoughts. He achieves this by providing insightful demonstrations together with critical reflections. The audience meets issues such as social media, kids as consumers, school branding, a post PC world with artificial market actors and customer conversations in Web 2.0 worlds. Richard’s aim is to offer the audience both subtle and mind blowing insights, sometimes in a provocative fashion, that stimulate exciting conversations.

Don’t trust his words, see what others say about Richard Gatarski on stage.

The academic side

Dr. Gatarski is an internationally recognized researcher and former assistant professor at the School of Business, Stockholm University. He has more than 30 years of experience with the use of computer technology. Richard is an author of several academic journal articles, conference papers, and contributions to the popular press.

The bulk part of Richard Gatarski’s ventures into scientific research (1995-2004) is documented in his archived academic web site at School of Business, Stockholm University (Stockholm university removed my research pages in 2008, you may also peruse other archives via the Wayback machine).

Some pieces re-published:

Richard Gatarski is a jury member of Web Service Award and a board member at NITA (Swedish IT-user Centre).

The commercial side

Richard is an inspirer and advisor on e-media matters for commercial enterprises, government agencies. various organizations, and schools in Europe. He has testified before the Swedish government on issues involving digital technology, business, and everyday life. Richard is a much-appreciated speaker and is frequently interviewed in print, radio, and TV media. Richard Gatarski is a member of the Web Service Award jury and has been a board member at NITA (Swedish IT-user Centre).

The private side

Richard is living together with Ann and their children Milton and Nellie. Richard and his brother Henrik are the sons of Solgerd (now deceased) from Småland, Sweden and Kazimierz from Pinsk, Poland. Richard is the grandson of the country store owner K A Andersson in Mosstorp. The latter is historically very important, at least in a personal perspective.

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