Media clips

A few selected (historical) clips reporting on what Richard Gatarski have done.

Internet – a tool for success (pdf), Volvo Global staff Magazine, #7, 2006.

I did a gig för web managers at Volvo group that fall (pre weconverse documentation), and afterwards they interviewed me for a couple of the staff and customer magazines. Here is one of those.

E-Sales: Transforms Productivity and Profitability, Cisco Executive Thought Leadership, 2001-08-18
In the summer of 2001 Cisco made an interview with me concerning my research on Artificial Sellers. Interestingly enough we conducted the interview, including sending some documents back and forth, while I was on a day cruise trip in the Mälaren sea. I used my laptop and a slow GSM connection. Officially John T. Chambers, President and Chief Executive Officer at Cisco Systems, Inc. introduced the whole thing. But I guess he personally was never involved :-) Even so, I was particularly proud that Cisco spotted my research and contacted me (not the other way around).