The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has launched the blog portal UDbloggen ( The portal is in Swedish only, but can of course be read in English via a google translate. The new web site, which is built on WordPress 3.0, is published on a separate web domain because “it’s tone does not really fit at the ministry’s official web presence”. The ministry is starting with a few text based blogs, and will slowly expand with images and video while looking for an appropriate tone of language.

In the longer Swedish version of this blog post I discuss the features of UDbloggen. In short: it looks good; has nice social media features; moderated commenting (not in all blogs); and I name some of the blogs (including the one from the Minister of Foreign Affairs).  Feel free to read my Swedish post translated by Google.

My concluding remark is that UDbloggen is yeat another sign of that social media has matured. And that the next big movement will centre around the institutional changes required to transform society for our current and future needs. My focus is on what we need to develop instead of having School.