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Sorry, most likely I will not personally translate this post about Pernilla Mellqvist and Marie Linder. Two Swedish school teachers who today shared internet-based work from their students (grades 2, and 6 to 9). But feel free to read Google’s translation.

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The Swedish post is a reflection on what happened when I asked (on behalf of a gig customer) my twitter followers to recommend a book about social media. (I don’t read many books anymore, and definitely none about social media). Got quite a few responses, which I share and forward to the one how asked.

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Sorry, post in Swedish only. A report from a mini-exhibition in Nacka municipality, where around 30 freshly e-minted teachers share their lessons and experiences.

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Briefly the longer Swedish post is an attempt to explain a performance we (myself, Katarina Graffman, and Kaj Runelund) call ELEVshopping (studentshopping). The explanation is a recap of what I told Anne-Marie Körling (teacher, inspirer, school ground breaker) earlier today.

[As soon as I have fixed English captions for the ELEVshopping’s video trailer I will embed it here]

In short elevshopping is an attempt to inspire schools to use the concepts, tools, and insights from the fields of youth oriented (commercial) branding and shopping. I give the example of introducing a techear to a class of students as “an expert on Grammar” will most likely generate distress and attitudes of boredom. Whereas saying “selling Converse” would probably generate a lot of attention and expectancies. With elevshopping we would like to reverse this state of matters.

After all, we are competing with shopping malls and other parts of the exciting life outside the walls of schools.

Do you agree? What are your thoughts?

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Sorry, post in Swedish only. (About the sad fact that Lärarnas Tidning, a magazine from Sweden’s largest teacher union, is not available on the web. Particularly terrible when today’s special issue about social media cannot be read by the prominent teachers being featured in the magazine).

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