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Some people don’t like what I say and how I think. Of course that feels bad. An hour ago @Ronnestam tweeted:

“On stage in 1 minute in front of 230 managers in a 30000 staffed company. See you on the other side…”

That made me think of the song Untitled 1 by Keane, lyrics easily found on YouTube with the help of Google. Perhaps an artist’s way of manage the world and our emotions  might explain what I am feeling. I’ll see you on the other side (post School, not life ;).

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I wrote this post in Swedish, and have not translated it to English. Basically I introduce the idea to replace Matemathics as a core subject in the Swedish School curricula with “Computational Thinking”. Please feel free to see if you can make any sense of Google’s translation. And let me know if you find it valuable to have me write an English version.

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This post is unfortunately not translated into English. Basically it is about my ambition  to position myself among us (including Don Tapscott) who call for a re-structuring of our societal institutions. In my case something that will replace School and other institutions that have children and youth as their main focus.

Perhaps the Google translation of this post carries some of the ideas I bring forward.

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