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  • I think i better understand your position. I agree with you when talking about teachers informal learning in order to getting awareness and about a proper digital equipment in schools. But there are a lot of tax money buried in IT equipment because of teachers don´t know how to use it. I openly support invisible learning, learning beyond the classroom, outside the classroom: http://www.invisiblelearning.com

    I'm not sure if we need to work with computers in school; we have to use the digital tools we´re using in our everyday life for learning. Everybody can have a computer at home. If you are not using one on an usual basis, why have to do it in school?

    I also mostly agree on the theme of branding, but i don´t think selling jeans is like selling learning, because of many reasons i try to explain in this post: http://www.nodosele.com/blog/2010/03/06/educati

    When I'm in Sweden i hear all the time that students are customer and i disagree, because this concept is used in the old sense of the industrial age. In our postdigital age all is changing, and education too. We cannot apply marketing ideas from the 50s (don´t say you do). I knew Rasmus Fleischer ideas and i think he´s right : http://www.rasmusfleischer.se/skriverier/postdi

    Maybe in the future we can discussing more about these issues.