I believe that the inspirational advice from a fellow audiencer at my first TED in 1995 guided me to Nottingham next week. For the British Council I will do a gig entitled ”I do not know?!?” Three days ago I asked the crowd to help me prepare for here and now. And indirectly for next week and a fantastic future. The crowd responded. Here is what we put together – together.

(TED will publish a video of the presentation, the slides here does not justify neither the work involved from everyone that contributed, nor the content of their inpsirations)

If you get anything from TED, here is your chance to contribute back! Please help me to present a stunning and inspirational five minute talk a couple of days from now. I therefore ask you to create some material that I might present in less than a minute. Hopefully at least four (4) of you will hear my request, thus giving me one minute to introduce and round up your contributions.

Yesterday I was invited to give a five (5) minute talk at the pre TEDxStockholm conference, which takes place north of Stockholm this Saturday (June 6, 2009). It’s an independet TEDx event, operated under license from TED, that gather a small group of around 40 specially invited persons. These include Klas Hallberg, Janne Gunnarson, Stefan Einhorn, and David Lega who will each talk for 18 minutes. Myself and Björn Jeffrey are limited to five minutes. Behind it all is a concept to disseminate TED.COM via TEDx events. TEDxStockholm is developed by Fredrik and Teo Härén (interesting.org), with help from among others Henrik Ahlén, and the ambition is to arrange the first public TEDxStockholm September 19, 2009.

I have an idea for a talk that I might produce myself, but hopefully yours are more inspirational. The conference theme is ”inspiration”, and I will focus the content around providing the best start in life for our children. The TEDx license implies some limitations, which I do not yet know in detail. But the talks should be in English; they will be recorded; TED reserves the right to republish all material whenever and where they want; hence the materials used must be cleared for that copyrightwise. [Update: It will be Creative Commons 3.0, and by submitting to me I assume you grant me and TED the required rights].

As I begun complentating the opportunity I remembered an idea I in December 2007. It sprung up during a meeting about social media with a small group of members of the Swedish Parliament. One of them, Christer Winbäck, raised the concern about finding time to (mikro)blog and participate in social media. Among other things he for instance ”had to write motions/bills”. I suggested he might outsource that task to his constituents. His response was something like ”have you ever let your audience write the manuscript for your gigs?” Afterwards I published a blog post that I would like to try that. And now it’s time – I hope.

If this works out I am open for your creativity. Please comment or e-mail me (richard.gatarski@weconverse.com) your ideas or material. It might be a video, slides, a manuscript. Whatever that I will be able to present during 55 seconds. Consider the limitations I hinted upon above, and I’ll make a concluding slide listing all contributors. I reserve the right of what to include, and if I at all should fulfill this idea at TEDxStockholm (depending on if I get anything from you). Remember, the theme is ”inspiration” and my focus is ”best start in life for our children”.

Thank you in advance.

(I will announce this post in Twitter, Jaiku, Bloggy, Facebook, PPlist and some other social media outlets, and update it with more links as soon as I have time).

[Update 15:10]: It can´t be a selling, it’s about sharing inspirational ideas. In another forum Gunnar hinted about Swedish Radio’s show På Minuten (On the minute), as a way to cope with the time constraint ;). Plus I added links to some stuff above.

[Update 20:20] Tank you all for ideas, support, retweets and other ways of spreading the opportunity! So far we have recieved a lot of interest and some more or less conceptualized ideas, but nothing complete. Hopefully you will join the crowd and the content will come from you. It would be cool if you posted your idea here as a comment, and published complete contributions somewhere on the web (tagged as ”TEDx Stockholm, crowdsourced”) and include a link in the comment. BTW, the organizers point out [I’ve recorrected this after comments] that the correct spelling is ”TEDxStockholm” (except for microblogs use ”TEDx Stockholm” with the space). Hence I edited this post, including its title.

[Update 21:50] A few minutes ago Johan Ronnestam submitted his contribution (after a couple of e-mail passes). I wish I knew of any web based tool for collaborated storyboarding/scriptwriting, do you? Compare Celtx, whis is a downloadable app for personal use. Perhaps I should setup a wiki. Meanwhile I tentatively work out the script below.

[Update Thursday 15:10] Added my intro text and re-corrected TEDxStockholm spellout.

[Update Friday 23:59] Edited the script, added introductionary quote at top of this post.

[Update Saturday 18:50] Sligthly adjusted the intro of the post and added the slides. I did not really follow the script below, as you will se in the video when it gets published.

Script (kind of) With reservations for rearrangings, additions, and removals pending on what comes in and what you say on the way.

50s, Richard Gatarski speaks: Nicholas Taleb tells how we humans tend to simplify the causes of complex phenomena. Even so, I still believe that the inspirational advice from a fellow audiencer at my first TED in 1995 guided me to Nottingham next week. For the British Council I will do a gig entitled ”I do not know?!?” Three days ago I asked the crowd to help me prepare for here and now. And indirectly for next week and a fantastic future. The crowd responded. Here is what we did together.

55s Ladislaus Horatius: Freeze-dried wisdom
05s switch
30s Joakim Vollert: 5th grader with Phun
05s switch
40s Katarina Graffman: Look at the kids behavior [preview, to be extended]
05s switch
XXs open
05s switch
30s Christina & Stellan Löwing: This is Lisa
05s switch
50s Johan Ronnestam: Act 4 Kidz
05s switch
15s Richard Gatarski speaks: She, at TED5, adviced me to save for my childrens education. I re-thought that into investing in their and their friends future. It’s time to stop ego-shopping and pay back our own parents sacrifices.
We will do it – right! Thank you for having us here.
Us were [slide with credits].

  • I’m looking forward to hearing you on Saturday. I work for Interesting and am responsible for the TEDxStockholm Facebook group. I’ll ask our members to come here and help you with their ideas.

    Crowdsourcing in a new idea for me – but I love the sound of it!

  • Thank you Lady Fi (and I was just trying to again find the group in Facebook in order to announce it there – now I don’t have to :-)

  • Let the Medium be the Message.

    1. Use Prezi.Com
    2. Get Insipred (sic!) from the ‘Peee-chak-cha’ meme: http://www.pecha-kucha.org/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pecha_Kucha
    3. Show 15 flow-slides that Matter, 20 secs each.

    Suggestion: What has the top 10 most viewed all time TED.COM videos have in common. And what do they DON’T have in common?

    Slide 1 – Topic-as-above introduced
    Slide 2 – TED story in 140 characters tweeted – organizational meme/DNA – where does it come from?? Yes: Inspirational Ideas. TED is ALL about inspiration! Tag the story…?
    Slide 3 – Present the list of top 10 speaks in viewer stats (from where TED got from private invitation only to global participate all in public community some years back)
    Slide 4-13 – Give these speak a tweet-comment, use #3tags to caputure the essence of the speak
    Slide 14 – Wrap it up second-2-last w – ”What’s the Question?” – and – 2nd: What’s the most popular THEME on TED.COM. THAT’s something to digest even further…
    Slide 15. Drop your credentials, dude. Bambusify it all so I can follow!

    You take the ball from there, Ric. As I am convinced you will do ;).

    a source in the crowd.

    and – talking of which; like Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, I prefer talking about proactive peer2peer crowdsourcing in order to highlight the drawbacks of crowdsourcing 1.0 … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowdsourcing#cite_note-21

  • Tycker du skall ta något från min blogg om IT-i-skolan samt hur spännande det är att få vara nära nästa generation och hjälpa dem skapa sin framtid

    Ett inlägg som jag själv gillar mycket, är om en av mina elever,

    Samma kille har även sedan dess lärt sig enkel programering sen enkel java script och så har jag visat honom kort-komandon och Kommando-promten och han nu själv lyckats öppa CMD:n på skolans
    Novel klienter – dock under mitt över-inseende.

    … kanske kan detta vara ett exempel på ”best start in life for our children”.


    Annars får du gärna utveckla vad det är du vill ha … =)

  • @anders, thanks for the input. I did consider pecha kucha, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to trim something until Saturday. Prezi not possible this time, and the organizer have decided not to stream the event (but recordings will be published later).

    @joakim, it would be wonderful if you went ahead and did a 55 seconds screencast, a video or something, where you share IN ENGLISH your, the student in question’s, and Emil’s (who created Phun) inspirational moments regarding the first example (which I love more than the second one). The sooner the better, but I must have it by Friday night.

  • Jag vill inte orda om min ide här… men jag har en väldigt bra ide och jag kan förpacka den genialiskt och bildligt på den där minuten… A-M

  • annemarie: if you don’t want to share your idea yet, that’s OK. Just e-mail me something 55 seconds long in English. We are REALLY eager to know what are baking. And remember, everyting at TEDx Stockholm will be public after the event! (Even though my thing might suffer, consider that September 19 might, just might – that’s up to the organizers, be a better opportunity if your idea deserves it).

  • Here’s a small contribution on the subject inspiration and “best start in life for our children”

    [link edited by Richard after Johan changed the video using a CC:ed version]

    Good luck!

  • @Richard: Ok, see your script develop in another direction, but a 55 sec slot could be focused on what ”Ideas Worth Spreading” means in the context of Solis’ Conversation Prism? Now in v 2.0, with a little offspring in his Twitterverse 0.9 …


    Next in their loop is the Social Media Marketing Compass that we viewed on @briansolis Disruptive Media entry, so I guess it will be of great help too.

    Re: The outline/idea for a 5min speak Pecha Kucha style, I take it to myself then for another relevant context ;).

    A side-reflection. Interesting that Interesting.org does not have any Twitter-streams either on brand or individual level(s). I have had a conversation about the relevance of Twitter and what ”it is” (far away from the ”statusphere” of just updating) with the organizers, and now I see their 1st microblog evolve. Finally :) !

    No streaming. Stupid. But it’s their choice.

    Anyways. Do they have a general policy for attendee streaming? Do YOU plan to Bambuser / Qik / Ustream.Tv it? In this space, did you notice that Mogulus changed its name to Livestream.com? Great rebranding…



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  • Johan,

    I so agree with the video I just watched about what we tell our kids to do vs. what we do ourselves. The same applies to adults, especially in a relationship.

  • In my opinion, in order to give our kids the best start in life, we should abolish schools as they are at the moment. Out with exams, sitting in rows, sitting still for ages and ages.. so meaningless and irrelevant. Kids should be doing drama, music, theatre, art and dance as much – if not more – than learning to read and write. They need philosophy and plenty of play.

    Also, I would love to see a school form that celebrates the art of making mistakes. Why all the focus on doing things the one right way? Teach kids that there are many rights. Help them make mistakes and be PROUD of their mistakes. After all, we do not grow or become creative by doing what everyone else does.

    This is my input for a 50-second slot!

  • Gutsy

    Acting as a role model applies in many areas huh :)

  • Richard, in update: ”BTW, the organizers point out that a correct spelling is “TEDx Stockholm” (not TEDxStockholm without the space). Hence I edited this post, including its title.”

    Anders, in response: ”How come they use the non-separated tagging on their own website, then, still?” – http://tedxstockholm.com

    *sigh* :) ;) :P – #gotcha Teo and Fredrik ;). Again :).

    [contradictory detector strikes again ;) ]

  • Well Richard!
    In line with Lady Fi’s comment above I believe one obvious topic, worth dedicating 55 sec. would be the role and importance of social media in terms of education, social interaction etc.
    I mean after all we are all UpStarts at some point in Life :)
    This would also provide an interesting discussion point after your talk.
    Btw. looking forward seeing you at Älvkarleby.

  • @Jan The most entrepreneurial act and total need of in-spi-ra-tion – to breathe in and out – is post natal situation sec 1 to 15 – BEING BORN!

    There is also this conceptualization to talk about ”entrepreneurial learning” in frontline entrepreneurship research. I could connect you to that discourse (both sources+ppl).

  • this is a great song and video …


  • Anders and Richard: My name is Fiona and I work for The Interesting Organization and am responsible for the TEDxStockholm Facebook group. Just a quick clarification, according to the TEDx branding guidelines which you can download from their TEDx site, we should write TEDxStockholm without a space when writing copy. That is why I did not put in a space when I set up the Facebook group.

    If you go out to TEDx’s own site, then you will see that all the events are written as: TEDxPatagonia, TEDxStockholm etc… If I understand it correctly, there is a space in the actual logo but not otherwise.

    You will notice that all the different TEDx web sites have non-separated tagging…

    Hope this clears things up!

  • Sorry about me being silent, been occupied with a gig and a business meeting. About to catch a plane, but will be online again later this afternoon.

    @anders, please try to focus what this post is about, and not your plentitude of general thoughts and off-topic critique.

    @Lady Fi, could you possibly make an audio recording of your ”In my opinion…” comment? It would be much better than me reading it…
    (Sorry about the space/nospace misinterpretation, I’ll correct)

    @Jan, perhaps you and Lady Fi could record a conversation (via Skype?), would be cool (as well as give you 55+55s ;)

    @joakim, will check the video later (superexpensive connection right now)

  • @Anders Please share! If you like then let’s continue the “entrepreneurial learning” dialogue at Friendfeed – http://www.friendfeed.com/TsuJan – You and everybody else are also welcome to Join the Dialogue -> http://inforganic.tumblr.com

  • @Richard – Great idea! Let’s check it out and see if we can pull it of in time for the event. I’m in ”travelling mode” so there could possibly be a time issue.

    @Lady Fi – Could we possibly pursue Richards idea about a Skype conversation/recording on the theme? Tomorrow evening i’ll be staying at Andre W’s place. Timing could possibly be a factor?

  • Re. your update, Richard: When you Twitter, you should write TEDx Stockholm (with a space). However, when you write in text – as here on your blog – then you should write TEDxStockholm. That is the word from the horse’s mouth!

  • Please check the updated script in the blog entry above.

    I have high hopes that Joakim and Lady Fi + Jan will put their pieces together. Plus maybe annmarie and one at the moment anonymous philosopher. With some sweat and luck it will be a mindblowing preso. On a side note, Johan will replace the image in his video (the current one is copy protected).

    @joakim: yeah, cool video – but not so inspiring. Please, please do something – you can rock yourself, I know that!

    @jan @anders: nice that you have found each other!

  • Carina Dackevall

    Richard If i have time from now till tomorrow I will try to put togehter a short story about childrens creativity, where there are no rihgt or wrong ways. Showing that encouraging free thinking is good for creativity.

  • @Carina, I sincerely hope you do create some time and design a story. Remember, 55s is not much time. This opening that I will give (supported by images), takes about 50s to deliver:

    ”Nicholas Taleb tells how we humans tend to simplify the causes of complex phenomena. Even so, I still believe that the inspirational advice from a fellow audiencer at my first TED in 1995 guided me to Nottingham next week. For the British Council I will do a gig entitled “I do not know?!?” Three days ago I asked the crowd to help me prepare for here and now. And indirectly for next week and a fantastic future. They responded. Here is what we did together.”

  • Jan de Man Lapidoth

    I can’t solve it technically myself but my suggestion would be to cut out a tiny section of this TED talk by Sir Kent Robinson. From 3:05 to 3:23 – and then run it as a loop so it fills 55 secs. Should give 4-5 repeats depending on how you cut it. Should make a little impact because what he says is PROFOUND.


    All this is based on the assumption that education is a theme growing for the 5 minutes you have.


  • Planting creativity seeds in the minds and hearts of tomorrow’s world leaders:

    Assumption: Kids / Children constitute for me 7 – 16 years;

    – Digital natives being raised by digital aliens creates a mis – match. And that requires understanding and a lot of adjustments.

    – There will be just 1 world for them – both, online and offline will merge for them. And inspiration is not just from real people, but also from virtual objects – living and non living.

    – Creativity is stifled by anarchic educational systems, and if conveyed wrongly, internet could be a bad vent for kids to get the frustration out. And there are opportunities to get it out wrongly.

    – There will still be a world of difference in the outlook and mentality between kids in the developing and the developed world. Although the internet bridges the gap closer, there is still going to be a cultural divide.

    – And finally, inspiring kids in the right way requires time and patience, and it comes when parents make sure they are in the right direction and not worry unduly about the details.

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  • whow, this is turning into a fantastic realization spreading around the world! I was worried if it would work at all, now I am more concerned about what to include…
    I’ll make the final decisions tomorrow morning, as there are a few suggestions in the pipe line. To be honest I favor contributions from women (given that there are only male speakers at pre-TEDxStockholm tomorrow). Please check the updated script.

    @jan de Man: cool idea! Even though I might not be able to fit it in, I’ll do the re-edit anyway and publish it in a follow up post to this.

    @Mahesh: you are so beautiful! I would love if you can record 55s of what you write and post/mail it. Suggest focusing on turning the ”Creativity is stifled by anarchic educational systems” into a positive and inspirational suggestion. Perhaps with an illustrating image. Although there MIGHT not be room within the 5 minutes, there is pleny of room on the web. (Looking forward to meat-LAN with you in July, we’ll find the time).

  • Richard!
    This is a fun way of doing a presentation and I will send you some thoughts about this under the heading ”Look at the kids behavior”.

  • Lars Blixt

    This way of collecting ideas from other people is brilliant Richard. I can´t contribute at the moment, but you start my thoughts about what´s important for kids and that’s great. If I got an idea I will post you this idea, Happy Weekend Richard

  • I LOVE the mousepad Katarina!

  • tired me is.
    about 80% ready, will fix what’s left on Saturday morning.
    There is still some space left (around 40-55s) that I need to fill.

  • Been off loop abit, sorry for not responding to responses.

    @Richard: Sorry for the drifting abit OT, but I just wanted to have that TEDx[CITY] issue cleared out.

    @LadyFi: Thanks for the clarification

    @Richard2: Plentitude of general thoughts? This is about your gig where you crowdsource peer2peer, proactively. When listening to a point from Chris Heuer of http://socialmediaclub.org – a very strong point was ”context governs content”. And if we talk about your (our!) content you carry with you, I think it’s relevant to bring context conversation (TEDxSTOCKHOLM issues, e. g. the streaming policy – inclusion vs exclusion aspect, that is!) here as well. Please be more specific what you thought was ”general thoughts”, and thus irrelevant/off topic.

    In general: I see where you’re heading with your speak, and I will try to suggest something for your last 40’ish sec slot.

    @Richard3: Your comment of mine and Jan’s connections. This is what this is all about – the conversation, socially mediated. It brings people together, and thus ”collapse the degrees of separation” in between us, wherever we are (or at least have access to the [social] web – as China does not). Another context comment that maybe could govern your content in its final format.

    @Jan: Entrepreneurial learning, off course! I maintain most of my conversation related to innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability = sustainopreneurship – in the real-time web using Twitter http://twitter.com/sliceonline, with snapshot tumblelogged at http://sliceonline.tumblr.com and macroblog for blog posts of analytical/filtered/synthesized with higher abstraction levels. Mutually adding each other, I think we get off from here and continue this side-convo elsewhere, since this naturally is – off topic, beyond tomorrow and the delivery of Richard Gatarskis gig :) !

    Now, all follow up @replies done with. Now I dedicate a specific post to suggestions for the last empty space to be filled, by wading thru what has been scripted so far.


  • Richard, as departure:
    ”I will focus the content around providing the best start in life for our children”,

    …and then the evolving of your script all the way echoes your sentiment, passion and focus on disruptive change of what we call ”school”.

    In this context (both 5 min narrow and TED at wide, punish me again if you think it’s out of topic…): Jan de Man’s Robinson quote on auto-repeat! YES!

    And this also connects to my original input as Robinson’s brilliance is reflected by a firm position in the TED Top10 all time high in viewer base. Which brings me to the original meta-question using the true crowd-sourced ongoing research that obviously ”inspires” – the exact top 10 in popularity TED videos and their similarities/differences. Where crowd-sourced translations of TED videos is the latest addition to the TED context at large!

    How can the Future of our Kids be REACHED with this INSPIRATION and watch TED VIDEOS? And all else.

    Bring the promotional spot from a mimicked voice of John Lennon from the OLPC initiative (another TED classic from Negroponte, right? …do you see a pattern here, @Richard?);

    John Lennon – Give a laptop, change the world


    Kids using the OLPC’s at Chiragh Grammar School, Meerut, India


    show this image;

    ”…map compar/ing/ the geographic distribution of Internet routers (top) against the global distribution of population (bottom).”
    http://personalpages.manchester.ac.uk/staff/m.dodge/cybergeography/atlas/geographic.html ”An atlas of Cyberspaces”

    And, if we could dedicate our common inspiration to get The Whole World Online (added with the brilliance of @Mahesh bullets that you just put in a slide, but I think it will use the full space…I think he nails it!).

    Then I hope that you feel that you’ve reached your destination of this exercise of crowdsourcing – where hopefully we can enlarge the crowd to source before we hit 7.5 billion people year 2015 – the Millennium Dev’t Goal year…

    We’re approaching 7.0 as we write/speak/converse/crowdsource;

    Good luck tomorrow!

    I will be arranging a Social Media Club Östergötland BBQ and DJ later in the same context in Folkparken, Norrköping (enacting entrepreneurial learning…), and my thoughts will be sent to you in your cross-inspirational prepping for the 9/19 blast!

    Have FUN tomorrow! We will!


  • ”This is Lisa” finns på http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH0FbQBiZVw
    Go for it R!

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  • Again thank you all! Slides are in the post, video will come later. Now into the ”creative dinner” here at TEDxStockholm.

  • Well done, Richard!

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