[Update after the gig] Thank you all for a wonderful morning! Besides the slides embedded below via SlideShare, I have uploaded them as a pdf (6 slides/page pdf 4.7 Mb). Here are direct links to the live broadcast from the first part of my gig, as well as the one where you talked. If you want to check what goes on in the back channels, try a Twingly microblog search for ”X-FAKTORI”. [and later this evening I added the link to a video documentation of how Tarja Halonen grabbed the stage from me and Anna last August].

In ProCom (Finnish Web, Swedish page) there are 1800 professionals from the field of communication and PR. ProCom have been the leading organisation for the Finnish communications professionals for 61 years. For over 30 years ProCom members have gathered together for one day for a high-profile seminar called the ProCom -day. This year the organizers plan to concentrate on the future and innovations. The communications directors, consultants and information officers – almost everyone – feel a bit frustrated with all the demands and possibilities this day presents – oth in the private and the public sector.

To this years event, called X-FAKTORI, I have been invited to make a key note presentation under the headline Social Media – promises and perils. I am truly looking forward to again meet Finnish marketing pro’s.

(Afterwards I will meet with Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, for an informal conversation on how to solve societal problems by doing things together by the power of we.)

  • woman with laptop

    Thanks for an extremely inspireing presentation! I still have so much to learn and experience…

  • you are welcome! One thing to consider on the way: why not be transparent (say who you are) as well as relational (give us a link so we can learn more about you – and your friends).

    p.s. In the gig I pointed out that there was only one (1) of the 200+ attendees that had a laptop/netbook up and running. Appearantly this commenter was the one :-D d.s.

  • Thank you for a great gig (as you call it;) today! I must say I think we Finns still have a lot to learn about social media…Thanks for showing the way!

  • Camilla, all of us are learning. And thank you for the kind feedback :-D
    Now I am looking forward to see @cekholm at http://www.cocomms.com/en/contact+us/

  • Susanna

    Keep me posted!

  • @Susanna, I always do ”post”. You can always subscribe to the feed of this blog (see the FAQ if you don’t know what it is) or follow me at Twitter or FriendFeed.