This post will be updated/supplemented within a few days, because the content is really not ready. But VIDBlaster, the software in question, is released within a few minutes and I want to share our experiences in concert with that event. In this preliminary video I try (lat and tired ;) the video below I explain what we did and how the gear we used looked like. I actually created the video with VIDBlaster in one single recording! That is, no editing – just talking while mixing me with clips and images. See below for a backgrounder.

VIDBlaster is ”a powerful, economical way to record, stream and produce high quality video”, developed by Mike Versteeg. (Early podcasting fans might recognize him as the creator of CastBlaster).  In my view his creation opens up for everyone to own a nano version of an Outside Broadcasting Bus. Resutling in something I call an ”OB-case”.

About a month ago my brother Henrik and I used VIDBlaster to stream and document a lecture held for teachers in Botkyrka. At that time we used a VIDBlaster on a laptop, two cameras, one mike, an animated vignette, and some pre-made graphis to mix and send a live video stream over Bambuser. You can see the result at Stjärnkikarna (in Swedish, but roll the video and you will get the point).

Last week we made our second experiment, streaming from a Breakfast seminar arranged by SIME and Sun. This time we had a more powerful laptop and a better mike solution. Please note that on both occasions we did not have much time for much preparation or training. We went there with an idea, and it worked pretty well. You may see the archived results at

If you have any questions I will try to answer them in a follow up post. Special thanks to Mike (for VIDBlaster), Ewa at Sun and Ola at SIME (for being brave enough to let us do the expirement), and of course to the entrepreneurs at Bambuser (who extend the mobile video frontier).

  • Hi, Richi !

    … I am swapping since couple of weeks into the thematic WebTV (after more than 4.5 years pure radio shows) and just ”gambling” around with VidBalster. So I found your posting here. Great job this ”live docu”. Cool…

    VidB is an amazing tool compared what regular TV stations and media prouction companies use for such documentaries. We really can thank guys like Mike to design such unbeatable software which is total intuitively usable. (Rec.: For Tricaster ( ) you’d have to pay between 14-25,000 US bugs.)

    Could you specify your equipment (and financial budget) pls ? Which cameras and mixer you used? I just think about to use a HD web cam (e.g. LogiTec WebCam Pro 9000) for pure Talk shows via WebTV (e.g. streamed ”live” to ) connecting my guests from India via Skype. – Can you zoom in and out your cameras via Laptop or do you need regularly and always a camera man as your brother did this job ?

    As you described you got the slides of SUN directly ”inline”. Accoustically I didnt understand what ”switch” / interface you used for? Where to buy ?

    And how to make the Video Overlays. I think about to use cost free GIMP (open source concurrente to Photoshop).

    Last but not least, what version of VidBlastger you used ? I installed 1st the Trial version of Home edition. Is that enough as there exist three other levels (studio, professional and broadcaster).

    So fare… Hope I do not bother you with my tons of questions. Many thank’s for your great teaching… total inspiring. Take care… hope hearing from you.

    Warm regards from North Germany, Hamburg

  • Hi ElJay,
    Thanks for the comments and questions (a lot ;). Well, that post is a year old and since then we have done more – and amazing stuff, see

    I suggest you dig into and search around the Vidblaster forum at You will find answers to most of your questions there.

    I am going on vacation right now and can’t answer you in detail. A few shoerties:

    – You can zoom some webcams (like the WebCam Pro), but they are not perfect. A somewhat more expensive, but much better alternative are PTZ cameras (like the Vivotek PTZ71xx).

    – To get PPT slides into the show we use cheap VGA-video converters, and then another video to USB converter to get the signal into the Vidblaster PC. Ephipan offers some more straightforward alternatives, but at a higher price.

    – You can use any software (e.g. Gimp) or Web apps (like for overlays, as long as it can generate png with transparency.

    – In the forum’s download section you can always download the latest (beta) version of Vidblaster. The demo is always the Professional version. Check out for the differences between versions.

    Good luck, and hope to see you in the forum ;)