I will attend BETT, ”the world’s largest educational technology event”, which take place January 14-17 at Olympia in London. First time visit for me, and my primary interest is of course within a marketing perspective. Not how educational technology vendors market their products, but rather how schools implement and utilize all kinds of digital gadgetry and Internet stuff in order to market their products (e.g. lectures in math) and their institutions (e.g. the school unit). Hopefully also a lot of how the curricala is being modified in order to fit with our and future times (not the agricultural society).

I am joining a group of (I guess) over 100 Swedes, travelling together by arrangement of Datorn i Utbildnigen (DiU), a Swedish magazine about computers in education. DiU have also formed a BETT-travel group in Facebook, unfortunately closed for non-invited members. They have asked if I know of any schools in the London area that are interested in hosting a brief visit from some of the Swedes going to BETT. If so, please let me know.

Besides visiting the exhibition and seminars at BETT, I will also attend the BETT Network Meeting arrranged by Rektorsakademien and Apple. That Thursday evening is fully booked – 350 people! In other words, there seems to be many Swedes going to BETT.

I will be staying at The Regency Hotel, arriving January 14:th in the afernoon and leaving in the evening on the 18:th. Most likely I will tweet my positions throughout the week. So, if you are around I would love to meet with you there.

  • Maybe we meet at last!
    I will be in London to. Not with DiU but at BETT Network Meeting.
    Love your X-mas outfit.
    Happy holidays from me!

  • Hej!

    Kommer också att vara med på Rektorsakademiens kväll. Vore kul att säga hej!

    Go’ jul!


  • Vad sägs om att gå på Koko (http://www.koko.uk.com) i Camden town på fredagkvällen? Ett band som heter Red Light Company spelar och låter ganska bra, tycker jag.